LGIM launches Multi-Strategy Enhanced Commodities ETF

Field being ploughed

L&G Multi-Strategy Enhanced Commodities UCITS ETF

An ETF which takes advantage of the growth tailwinds, diversification benefits and inflation hedging properties associated with the commodity futures market.

Lewis Pugh - Our global partnership

Lewis Pugh Swim Promotion

Lewis Pugh - Our global partnership

We are proud to announce a global partnership with endurance swimmer and environmental campaigner, Lewis Pugh.

LGIM launches Digital Payments ETF

Digital Payments

L&G Digital Payments UCITS ETF

An investment strategy focused on the growth potential of digital payment technologies and the global transition to a cashless economy.

Q2 2021 Disruptive Technology Range Performance Report

Thematic ETF range

L&G ETF has produced its latest quarterly performance report covering our thematic ETF range.